Schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria: a track opens in the North of Central-Africa

May 9 Kangbi – / A track in Central African Republic opens Nigerian and foreign investigators in charge of the massive abduction of some Nigerian 200 schoolgirls in Borno State in northeastern Nigeria.

The information is provided so far by a relay of a political party in Central Birao ( prefecture of Vakaga ) and confirmed by some residents of Tiringoulou ( 150 km Birao ) area currently controlled by the former combatants Seleka coalition .
Fifty girls speaking only English accompanied by men speaking the same language were seen in the prefecture of Vakaga specifically in the cities of Tiringoulou and Birao ( Northeast) . They are worn , missing for nearly a week.

According to eyewitness accounts , nearly half a hundred girls who speak only English or languages ​​of Central , nor those of Sudan or incur those of Chad were temporarily carried on a truck stationed at Birao .
Significant movements to the place of confinement of girls are reported by our source in Birao before the vehicle will lead the English girls Tiringoulou to be embedded in a plane that come from the Sudan (Editor's note : check) in night from Sunday to Monday.

Two girls were taken by the Sultan of Birao and another by General Adam Noureddine , the former number two Seleka . The destination of the other girls shipped by men who speak English as they remain unknown.

The Christian Association of Nigeria has published a list of 180 names, stating that 165 of these girls are Christian .

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